St. Anne’s Christian Women

Our Christian Women’s Daily Prayer……
O Mary, Immaculate Virgin and Sorrowful Mother, commend our beloved children to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who refuses nothing to His Mother.

Holy Guardian Angels….Pray for them
St. Joseph, powerful patron….Pray for them
St. John, beloved discipline of the Heart of Jesus….Pray for them
St. Augustine….Pray for them
St. Anthony….Pray for them
St. Aloysius….Pray for them
St. Anne, Mother of Mary….Pray for them
St. Elizabeth….Pray for them
St. Monica….Pray for them

Mission and History

At St. Wendelin’s, throughout our over one hundred years of history, St. Anne’s Christian Women, with Mary as our model and patroness, has offered women spiritual growth and mutual support…growth and support that bears fruit in service to our families, school, parish and community.  Through those years, as times and needs have changed, so have our activities…yet always our work has reflected our reason for being—-Spirituality, Service and Support.  Yes, those three S’s are what this group is all about.  They have been and continue to be our focus.

Through the years and now as well, the service aspect of our mission often puts us at the center of parish life as we provide the “heart and hands” for parish activities.  We have hosted many events, including Open Houses, Fundraisers, Breakfasts, etc.  Our fundraisers enable us to make monetary donations to places such as our St. Wendelin School, Birthline, Place of Hope, Catholic Charities Food Shelf, Quiet Oaks Hospice, and Poor Clares.  We have also donated to seminarians, our quilters, gifts to our young people celebrating their First Communion and Confirmation.  We also strongly support pro-life efforts and have been involved in recent years in the spring and fall “Forty Days of Life” campaigns.  In May and October we encourage the praying of the rosary before our weekend Masses.  While parish life is the main focus, we also encourage members to broaden their vision of church and community through involvement in deanery and diocesan activities. 


St. Anne’s Christian Women meet on the second Tuesday of the following months:  September, October, November, December, April and May.  Meetings are held at Mary Hall starting with a 6:30 PM Fellowship followed with a meeting at 6:45 PM.


As of August 2023, our membership totals 124 women.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our St. Anne’s Christian Women or have any questions regarding our group, please contact Shelly Gohman at our Parish Office (320-252-1799) and you will be directed to one of the current officers.