Cemetery Rules & Regulations

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Saint Wendelin’s Cemetery
Church of St. Wendelin Luxemburg, Minnesota

Revised April 2016

To ensure reverence for the memory of those who have died in Christ, the following rules and regulations have been adopted to govern the operation and use of St. Wendelin’s Cemetery. All owners of burial rights and visitors, and all graves sold, shall agree to be subject to the rules and regulations contained herein, and to whatever other rules, regulations, and amendments that may be adopted by the Church of St. Wendelin from time to time. It is further understood that St. Wendelin’s Cemetery will be subject to all applicable civil and ecclesiastical laws and diocesan policies that my be in force or come in force in the future. The management of St. Wendelin’s Cemetery shall be understood to mean the bishop of the Diocese of St. Cloud, the diocesan Vicar General, the pastor, and the two appointed lay trustees of the parish.

Cemetery Grounds and Behavior

By church law, cemeteries are considered sacred places. Proper decorum and respectful behavior towards the memory of the deceased and towards their families is required on cemetery grounds at all times. Young children visiting the cemetery should be accompanied by responsible adults. Any conduct unbecoming a sacred place is not permitted. In particular, alcohol and other drugs, firearms, hunting, and loitering are strictly forbidden. St. Wendelin’s Cemetery reserves the right to refuse admission to the cemetery and to refuse the use of the cemetery’s facilities, at any time, to any person or persons if the management deems this to be in the best interest of the Cemetery.

Persons visiting the cemetery are prohibited from picking flowers, injuring any tree, shrub, or plant, and from writing upon, defacing, or damaging any memorial, fence, sign, or other structure on the cemetery grounds.

All vehicles are prohibited from the cemetery grounds, except when necessary in the course of interments. Driving over graves is prohibited.

All trash is to be placed in the trash receptacle provided.

In accordance with diocesan policy, all occurrences of vandalism will be reported to appropriate police agencies for prosecution.

Accidental property damage may be caused by visitors, vendors, or severe weather. Individual monuments or markers belong to the easement holders or their heirs. Damage to these items will be reported to family members when they can be located so that they may submit an insurance claim to their homeowner’s insurance policy. All vendors working on cemetery property are required to have worker compensation and liability insurance that cover both their employees and any incidental damage caused by them. Where such insurance has a deductible amount, the vendor is responsible for paying up to that deductible.

Any personal injuries or accidents on cemetery property should be reported to the pastor as soon as possible. They will be documented and a copy sent to the Chancery.

Graves and the Administration of Burial Rights

By state law, cemeteries are allowed to grant to those who purchase grave lots only the right to burial, and that is the only title which a lot owner acquires when the lot is conveyed to him or her. That is, legal ownership is properly not of the plot of land but of the perpetual easement right to use that land for burial. For the sake of convenience, these policies will use the term “grave owner” to refer to this legal title to burial rights.

The law forbids the burial of anyone on a lot who was not the owner of the lot at the time of death, or a relative of the owner by blood or marriage, except by written consent of the Cemetery Administrator.

Those wishing to purchase graves will contact the parish Cemetery Administrator to make arrangements. Certificates of entitlement will be issued for the lots purchased.

Burial Lot Information

Prices for one burial lot are:
Parishioners $400.00
Non-Parishioners $600.00
Babies Free in the baby section

The purchase price for lots will be paid in full at the time of purchase. The time of funerals must be coordinated with the Priest.

An interment fee of $200.00 per burial will be charged at the time of the interment, whether for traditional burial or for the interment of cremated remains. This covers the perpetual care of the site and the general upkeep of the cemetery grounds.

Vaults are required for all burials, including cremation urns unless made out of marble/stone. All cemeteries in the Diocese have this requirement (page 62 of Diocese Cemetery Booklet).

All graves will be dug by our independent contractor. The funeral home will contact the cemetery caretaker and he/she will contact the grave digger as to ensure enough time. There may be an additional cost if poor weather conditions.

One traditional burial per site, with the allowance of one additional cremation remains or two cremations per one site with only one grave marker.

Although it is not a requirement of state law, it will be the policy of St. Wendelin’s Cemetery to require that all burials (including cremation urns, unless made out of marble/stone) must be in a vault or grave liner of stone, metal, or reinforced concrete. All cemeteries in the Diocese have this requirement (page 62 of Diocese Cemetery Booklet). This requirement is for increased safety, improved long-term cemetery appearance, and lower perpetual care costs.

All cremated remains must be interred, either buried on a grave site or placed in a mausoleum. Scattering, spreading, or dividing the cremated remains of the person is not permitted.

For sufficient reasons the ownership of an unused site may be transferred either back to the parish or to another party provided they follow the current cemetery policies and do not charge more money than was paid at the time of original purchase. No permitted transfer or assignment of any interment space, or interest therein, shall be valid until accepted in writing by the parish cemetery authority and recorded in the books of the parish cemetery.

State law requires cemeteries to accept winter burials, and St. Wendelin’s Cemetery will accommodate them; however, any additional costs for snow removal, thawing the burial site, and any other charges are the sole responsibility of the family requesting a winter burial. St. Wendelin has no responsibility for the body while awaiting burial; this is to be arranged by the family with the funeral director handling the arrangements.


All monuments and markers must be of stone or bronze. Monument companies need to call the cemetery care taker prior to all installations to ensure proper location and alignment. All markers and headstones are to be set by professionals. If this procedure is not followed and the marker is placed incorrectly, the family will be responsible of the cost of necessary adjustments. Headstones or footstones are permitted in the old cemetery. Only footstones are permitted in the new cemetery. Cement curbing will not be allowed in the cemetery.

Markers are limited to the following Maximum base size, they can be smaller, but not larger:

For single lot max: 24″ x 12″
For double lot max: 42″-48″ x 12″

Headstones are limited to the following Maximum base size; they can be smaller, but not larger:

For single lot max: 24″-30″ high x 24″ wide x 8″ deep
For double lot max: 30″ high x 36″ wide x 8″ deep

For order, in the new cemetery lots are sold in succession. Memorials must be tasteful and in keeping with our Christian Traditions.


All flowers/wreaths are to be cemetery appropriate. Those placing tributes are asked to remove them when they become unsightly. St. Wendelin’s Cemetery reserves the right to remove flowers or any other objects if they are judged by the management to be unsightly or inappropriate. St. Wendelin’s Cemetery and Parish are not liable for any loss or damage to monuments, markers, memorials, or tributes placed in the cemetery. Single post flower stands are permitted at all times. No shrubbery, trees, flowers, or other plants may be planted on graves.

St. Wendelin’s Cemetery and Parish are not liable for any loss or damage to monuments, markers, memorials, tributes, or other objects placed in the cemetery.


These rules and regulations may be amended by St. Wendelin’s Parish and Cemetery from time to time at its sole discretion, in accord with all applicable civil laws, ecclesiastical law, and diocesan policies.

The management reserves the right to make exceptions to the policies contained herein if it is deemed in the best interest of the Cemetery and/or those to whom the policy applies. Such action of the management is not be construed as affecting the general application of the policies.