Christian Women Meeting Minutes

                                     MINUTES FROM ST. ANNE’S CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S MEETING09/13/2022

St. Anne’s Christian Women met Tuesday, September 13, 2022 in Mary Hall, beginning with social time/refreshments at 6:30 pm followed by President Karen DesAutels calling the business meeting to order at 6:45 pm with opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.   Twenty members were present. 

Minutes from the May 10th meeting were approved as read; also approved was the treasurer’s report showing a balance of $1,168.74 in checking and $2,439.92 in savings for a total of $3,608.66.

Old Business:

DCCW Fun, Food and Fund Day…Eight of our members attended this annual Diocesan Council fundraising event which was held on Thursday, June 16th in Melrose.  With the theme, “Take Jesus Home”, the day’s events included celebration of Mass, a talk on Eucharistic Revival by Fr. Derek Wieichmann along with time for fellowship, good food, music and a silent auction.

By-Laws…Committee of Sue Weber, Karen DesAutels and Char Volkmuth (Karen replaced Pat Salzbrun per Pat’s request) met on August 31st to finalize proposed changes to our by-laws.  Request from membership to take their by-laws copy home to review was granted.  They are to bring any questions and/or comments to the October meeting after which the by-laws will be voted on.

Altar Consecration…On Monday evening, August 22nd, about 150 area people gathered at the Chapel of Saints Benedict and Scholastica on Ahles Rd., for consecration of the altar chapel at a Mass celebrated by Bishop Donald Kettler, Deacon Dan Dullinger  and Father Mitchell Bechtold. The chapel is open to the public daily 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Information and history of the chapel built in 2020 can be found at the website  Thanks to all from our group who helped with hospitality at the roast beef dinner which concluded the evening.

Harvest Mass…celebrated outdoors by Father Erik at St. Wendelin’s on Tuesday evening, August 30th, was attended by about 40 people. The Lord provided beautiful weather in which to come together to thank Him for His harvest time blessings.  Thanks to all from our group who helped serve refreshments following the Mass celebration.

New Business

Rosary Praying …Although parishioners regularly pray the rosary before our weekend Masses, as a show of support for this beautiful devotion, we’ll continue to post a rosary leading signup sheet (to be prepared by Lisa Lichte) for leading of the rosary prior to our October and May Masses.  Members should feel free to lead by themselves or along with parishioners.

November Breakfast…Our annual fundraiser breakfast is planned for Sunday, November 20th. The breakfast will be discussed at length at our October meeting.  Members were asked to come at that time with their thoughts/concerns especially in light of rising food prices.

Annual Remembrance Mass…for St. Wendelin’s will be Sunday, November 6th at our 10:00 am Mass.

Currently, we have 8 parishioners who’ve passed away since our last Remembrance Mass. Plans will be further discussed at our October meeting.

Halos…President Karen asked the members if the giving of “Halos” could be resurrected.  All agreed this is a great way to recognize those who have given above and beyond.  A Halo will be sent to Father Mitchell Bechtold for saying “Yes” to the call to build a chapel.

Corporal Works of Mercy…Members heartily approved a “Corporal Works of Mercy Monthly Project Sheet” produced by President Karen.  For the first month “(Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty”,) Cyntia Lommel volunteered to check with Place of Hope for any special needs they may have and will report back at our October meeting.

Commission Reports…President Karen encouraged commission reports at our meetings per the 3 commissions, Spirituality, Leadership and Service as outlined by the diocesan and national CCW.  Our quarterly diocesan Newsletter, “Our Catholic Voice” would provide an excellent resource for anyone  wanting to give a report as it covers those same 3 commissions in each issue.  Karen gave the current newsletter to Kathy Watrin for her review.

Tuesday Rosary…Reminder was given that every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am, the rosary is prayed in church by a group of regulars who’ve continued this practice since it was begun by our group some 2 years ago. One and all are invited and encouraged to come and pray each Tuesday morning.

Abortion Pill by Mail…Char Volkmuth alerted members to be ready to contact their legislators to vote against any possible upcoming proposal (promoted by Planned Parenthood) to allow pills for chemical abortion to be sent through the mail.  Linda Kaiser suggested checking the website, “Catholic Advocacy Network” for information on this and other pertinent legislative issues.  She will put a notice to that effect in the bulletin.

Donation…Membership approved a request from Hildegard Rohe for quilt batting; $200.00 was approved to be written out to the batting vendor and given to Hildegard.  Hildegard makes quilts that are given away to various area charities and she is always looking for helpers to assist in this ministry.

Adjournment at 7:35 pm…with closing prayer, prayer partner exchange and door prize drawing

going to Kathy Watrin.  Daily prayer this month is for the suffering in Ukraine.  Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 11th.

                                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                          Char Volkmuth, Secretary