Christian Women Meeting Minutes

                                     MINUTES FROM ST. ANNE’S CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S MEETING – 12/18/2022

St. Anne’s Christian Women met Sunday, December 18, 2022 in the school’s library, President Karen DesAutels calling the business meeting to order at 11:15 am with opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.   Twenty members were present.  Minutes from the November 7, 2022 meeting were approved as published; also approved was the treasurer’s report showing a balance of $4,943.05 in checking and $2,440.83 in savings for a total of $7,383.88.

Old Business:

Christian Women Breakfast Update…Karen presented the financial report for the breakfast sharing with the members that our final profit figure was 4,603.56.  A special recognition was given to Elizabeth and Kaitlin Watrin for selling table to table our quilt raffle tickets.  Members were asked to pat themselves on their backs for a job well done!!!

Server Appreciation Gifts Update…Gifts were given to eleven students and one adult for volunteering to be altar servers.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to give gifts to three additional students who will be trained for serving. 

Place of Hope Meals Served Update…Cyntia gave the update of the meals served at Place of Hope.  Those volunteering for this ministry agreed it was a rewarding and eye-opening experience.  She distributed photos of the event and thanked those who volunteered for this Corporal Works of Mercy project.

Corporal Works of Mercy…The next Corporal Works of Mercy, Care for the Sick, was discussed.  Members were asked to select two “Thinking of You” greeting cards with envelopes.  Those present will be sending these cards to needy individuals prior to our April meeting. 

New Business

Donations…Karen suggested and all agreed that donations would be dealt with at our next meeting in April.  There were a few exceptions to this:  (1) Motion was made, seconded and passed to distribute $25 Cash Wise cards as follows; one to Shelly (HOC), one to Lana (St. Anne’s) and three to our school.  These five $25 Cash Wise cards were donated to our group by the Lion’s Club; (2) motion was made, seconded and passed to give Kelly Knier $250 for the Sharing Tree; (3) the rank and file discussed covers for the Breaking Bread books and it was agreed we would not be contributing toward covers for the books.  Members felt we should try one year without covers and see how the books hold up; and (4) motion was made, seconded and passed to give $250 to the quilters for supplies.  All other donations will be determined at our April meeting.

First Communion and Confirmation Gifts…It was discussed that the Director of Faith Formation will be purchasing these gifts and letting each parish know what they owe based on the number of children attending from the various parishes. 

Commission Reports…We were reminded to check out the diocesan newsletter, “Our Catholic Voice” at for pertinent CCW info.

Halo…will be given to the anonymous person who purchased the meat that was not sold at our breakfast.  That person then turned around and gave the meat to a needy organization.   

Adjournment at 12:05 pm…with closing prayer, prayer partner exchange and door prize drawing going to Sandy Leach.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

A Fun-filled Christmas Party…then followed starting with a light lunch, games and caroling.  It was definitely a party whereby members were found celebrating a very special time of the year with lots of laughter!

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen DesAutels, Acting Secretary