Christian Women Meeting Minutes



St. Anne’s Christian Women met Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 in Mary Hall, beginning with social time/refreshments at 6:30 pm followed by President Karen Des Autels calling the business meeting to order at 6:45 pm with opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.   Seventeen members were present. 

Minutes from the April 11th, 2023 meeting were approved as read; also approved was the treasurer’s report showing a balance of $2,133.72 in checking and $2,443.25 in savings for a total of $4,756.97.

Old Business

Thank You’s…President Karen shared two thank you notes, one from Sister Marius  for our donation to St. Scholastica’s Convent and one from the Mission Office for Mass intentions sent there.

Rosary at May Masses…Several of our members have signed up for leading the rosary prior to Sunday 10:00 am Mass but a few slots remain to be filled.  Members were encouraged to consider pairing up with another to do the leading.

Deanery/Diocesan Events

  • Deanery Mtg….President Karen and Char attended our West Central Deanery meeting on April 26th at St. Rose of Lima Church in St. Rosa which included evening Mass with Pastor Fr. Dan Walz who was very congenial and gave a positive message about Eucharistic Revival.  The deanery is    much in need of officers and support as it goes through the challenges of restructuring from seven deaneries to five.
  •  Fun, Food and Fund Day, Thursday, June 15th at St. Andrew’s in Elk River…President Karen passed around a sign up sheet for anyone interested in going/carpooling.  As in the past, we will provide items for the Silent Auction.  Jean Schabel volunteered to make up a basket and Karen will bring a plant.  Anyone attending is welcome to bring an item; baked goods always go well.
  • Annual Fall Conference, Saturday, September 16th at St. Ann’s in Wadena. Since our next meeting is just a few days before this event, sign up sheet was also passed for anyone interested.

KC Reception…Karen updated us that about 60 people are expected for the K of C reception which we will be hosting on Sunday, May 21st following 10:00 am Mass; the main entrée will be egg bake.  Prep work by our volunteers will be done the day before at 4:30 pm.

Graduation Mass…Cyntia Lommel reported 8 graduates will be taking part in the May 21st graduation Mass doing both readings, intentions and carrying up the gifts.  We will be remembering these graduates with congratulatory cards.  Members thanked Cyntia and Gina for organizing the graduates’ involvement in this Mass. 

Faith Formation Final Evening…Karen thanked all our volunteers who helped the evening of May 3rd for this spring’s final Faith Formation session; the turnout was wonderful with about 90 people being served a meal and 170 people enjoying ice cream after the session.

Recognition of 50 Year Members…Because we only had one 50 year member available at this meeting, it was decided to delay the honoring of our two 50 Year members until an upcoming fall meeting.

Corporal Works of Mercy…To implement this month’s Work of Mercy “Bury the Dead”, sheets were distributed with spaces representing each of the 60+ beads of the rosary.  As members called out names of beloved deceased to be remembered, those names were written in the spaces.  Members took home the completed sheets to be remembered in their May praying of the rosary.

Also, in support of “Bury the Dead”, membership voted to give a $200.00 donation to our Grief Ministry program which is in formation and expects to launch its first meeting soon.  Char explained that the purpose of the program, as stated by Tracy Zwilling of SMHOC who initiated it, is “to fill a need for our Holy Saints ACC community to connect and support the people of our parishes as they grieve and learn to live through the death of a loved one.”  Our donation will go towards covering the cost of packets given out to families as well as other expenses including greeting cards.  Membership suggested inviting (via bulletin notes) cluster members who like to make their own cards, to share their talents by making cards for the Grief Ministry program.

New Business

Halo…will be given to our outgoing school principal, Lynn Rasmussen, in appreciation for her 32 years of leadership, dedication and professionalism in serving our school and parish community.

(Note: Following the meeting, our executive committee decided also to give Lynn a $100.00 cash gift).

CUF Help Needed…Pat Salzbrun reported our school/parish is in need of someone to become part of our parish volunteer team to help coordinate Catholic United Financial efforts in our community.  Over the years, CUF has assisted in our fundraising by supplying matching grants and other incentives.  To learn more contact Pat at 980-1534.

School Fundraiser…Stacey reported the April 22nd “Just Roll With It” fundraiser hit the $50,000 profit mark.  She thanked all who helped to reach this phenomenal result; several thank you cards (handmade by her daughters) were also given out. 

Commission Reports…none given at this meeting.

Adjournment at 7:55 pm…with  closing prayer,  Prayer Partner Exchange and door prize drawing  going to Cheryl Lommel.  Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 12th, with fellowship at 6:30 pm and meeting at 6:45 pm. Daily prayer this month is to remember our own special intentions.

                                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                          Char Volkmuth, Secretary