Christian Women By-Laws



Article I.  Name
    The name of the society shall be St. Anne’s Christian Women/CCW.

Article II.  Patroness
    The patroness of the society shall be our Blessed Mother under the title of our Lady of Sorrows.

Article III.  Objectives
    1.  Spiritual enrichment that brings members and their families closer to the Lord.
    2.  Service to our parish and community.
    3.  Support for one another through socialization and Christian fellowship.

Article IV.  Activities
    1.  Hold regular meetings that allow time for prayer, business, enrichment and socialization.
    2.  Provide leadership and help to the parish and community whenever needed for events such as receptions, open houses, etc.
    3.  Sponsor an annual fundraiser breakfast each year.
    4.  Responsible for payment of church flowers if not donated.
    5.  Officers try to attend (and encourage others to attend) deanery meetings and annual DCCW Convention and report back to membership on these sessions.
    6.  Pay expenses as approved by the executive council for members to attend the DCCW Convention (registration, travel, meals).  Also, may have to give a donation to the deanery to help pay expenses for someone to attend the National Council of Catholic Women Convention.
    7.  Lead the rosary before weekend Masses during May and October.
    8.  Each member shall daily the “Prayer for the Children.”
    9.  Pray the rosary at wake and/or prior to the funeral Mass for deceased members/parishioners as requested by those arranging the funeral.
  10.  Members encouraged to openness to serve on committees and/or hold office.
  11.  Financially support worthy parish, community and other needs as funds allow.  In the event a financial request is made and there is not enough time for committee approval, the executive council will determine amount of donation.  This donation is not to exceed $200 (two hundred dollars) per donation.

Article V.  Membership
    1.  Membership is open to all women affiliated with St. Wendelin’s Catholic Parish, whether single, married or widowed.
    2.  New members and transfers are received annually during the May meeting at a special Mass or ceremony as decided by the membership.  Fifty (50) year members will also be recognized at this event and will receive a life-time certificate.
    3.  New members and transfers will receive a medal, confraternity booklet and a copy of the by-laws.

Article VI.  Dues
    1.  Annual dues are $2.00 (two dollars) per year.  Dues amount is determined by the membership.
    2.  Dues are payable in March via designated envelope in parish packet.
    3.  Fifty (50) year members will become life-time members and will not be asked to pay dues.

Article VII.  Meetings
    1.  Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the months of April, May, September, October, November, and December, subject to change by the officers.
    2.  Special meetings may be called by officers when necessary.
    3.  Voting at any meeting shall be confined to those members present.
    4.  Voting issues require a simple majority vote of those present to pass.
    5.  Meetings are conducted by Parliamentary Procedure using the “Roberts’ Rules of Order”.
    6.  A quorum of ten (10) members is required for an official meeting.

Article VIII.  Officers
    1.  The spiritual director is the pastor of St. Wendelin’s Catholic Parish.
    2.  Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, with the Vice-President moving up to President.

Article IX.  Duties of Officers
       1.  First and foremost, encourage spiritual growth in membership.
       2.  Schedule and preside at all meetings.
       3.  Plan meetings with programs that support our objectives of spirituality, service and support.
       4.  Provide leadership for parish/community events as needed (i.e., annual breakfast).
       5.  Try to attend the annual DCCW Convention, spring and fall deanery meetings and report back to the membership on them.
       6.  Appoint a committee to plan the annual Christmas party in December.
       7.  When a funeral home contacts the President regarding the death of one of our members and requests our participation in the funeral (i.e., Honorary Pallbearers, praying the rosary, etc.), the President will call members to assist in this request.
       8.  In December prior to the election year (even numbered years) appoint a Nominating Committee to find officers to be voted on at the following May meeting.
       9.  Conduct a membership drive from March to May of election years to recruit new members.
     10.  Honor fifty (50) year members with a certificate at May meetings.
     11.  Appoint members to head the standing commissions.
     12.  All checks to be signed by Treasurer or President. 

       1.  Shall, in the absence of the president, assume the duties of the president.
       2.  Shall help and support the president in all organizational duties.
       3.  Will send a get well card to parishioners who are ill and/or in the hospital and baby congratulatory cards to new parents.

       1.  Shall take and keep the minutes of all meetings so as to provide an accurate written record and history of our society.
       2.  Shall be responsible to have the minutes published in the parish newsletter.

       1.  Shall be the custodian of all monies of the society which shall be deposited in a designated bank.
       2.  All checks to be signed by Treasurer or President.
       3.  Shall keep an up-to-date list of all members.
       4.  Shall collect and keep record of all payment of dues.
       5.  Shall pay the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) dues (an assessment of the Bishop’s Office) upon receipt of the billing.
       6.  Each December, will order fourteen (14) Masses.  Twelve for the intention of the members and a Mass on the Feast of Anne (July 26th) and a Mass on the Immaculate Conception (December 8th).
       7.  Upon the death of a member, shall order three (3) Masses to be read for the deceased.

Each officer shall, after her term, turn over to her successor all books, papers and other property pertaining to her office.

Article X.  Elections and Installation of Officers, Terms, Vacancies
    1.  Any society members belonging to St. Wendelin’s Catholic Parish is eligible to hold office.
    2.  Officers are elected at the May meeting in even numbered years.  Installation will take place at that meeting/Mass or ceremony designed for induction.
    3.  All officers will serve a two (2) year term beginning immediately after election and installation.
    4.  In May of even numbered years, names for candidates for offices are presented by the Nominating Committee.
    5.  Nominations from the floor shall be in order.
    6.  Voting shall be by voice vote when only one (1) candidate; if more than one (1) candidate, by written ballot.  Ballot count and report to be done by two (2) people at the meeting other than the officers.
    7.  If the President is no longer able to complete her term, the Vice-President automatically becomes the President.
    8.  If offices other than the President become vacant, the President shall appoint a member to finish her term.
    9.  Resignations must be in writing.

Article XI.  Commissions
    1.  The society shall have the following standing commissions which correspond to those on the deanery and diocesan levels of the Council of Catholic Women:
                                a.  Spirituality (includes Church and Legislative Reports)
                                b.  Leadership (includes Organization Reports)
                                c.  Service (includes Family, Community, Rural and International Reports)

Article XII.  Amendments
    1.  These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of all members present provided such amendments have been submitted to the membership in writing at a previous meeting.

Article XIII.  Benefits
    1.  Spiritual enrichment and education for members and their families.
    2.  Service opportunities that enable members to be the “hearts and hands” of many parish/community events.
    3.  Support for one another through socialization and warm Christian fellowship.

It is recommended these by-laws be reviewed at least every three (3) years.

By-Laws Approved on October 11, 2005
By-Laws Revised on November 13, 2012
By-Laws Revised on September 16, 2014
By-Laws Revised on December 12, 2016
By-Laws Revised on May 9, 2017